Samplelord 1.5.6


  • STREAMING OPTIONS: Streaming Options can be stored in Multi Setup.
  • IMPORT: Kontakt 4.

Samplelord 1.5.5


  • BROWSER: FAV menu of favourite folders added. It's possible to add commonly used folders to simplify switching between different folders on different hard disks. Pressing a CTRL key during folder selection removes entry from the menu.
  • INSTRUMENT's MENU: Unload Instrument ... command brokened with the latest build, now fixed.
  • GUI FONTS: Font settings were not remembered after window resizing.
  • COLLECTION LOADER: Files not found in their path and locations are not added to the list but the error info is displayed about it on the main panel also a popup 'Missing Files' is not displayed in case of missed files inside collections.
  • MULTI: Added option to turn off velocity response globally for all multi setup Multi -> Velocity Sensitvity -> Off

Samplelord 1.5.4


  • INSTRUMENT'S MENU: One Shot Modes added. Allows to trigger samples without waiting for Note Off. Two modes are available multi and single. Multi mode plays all files simultaneously while Single mode plays only one file at a time. Fade Time is set to 10.0 ms. We can change fade time with in Instrument's Menu -> Voice Options... dialog.
  • PROJECT FILE: Fixed relative paths to the patch file inside project file were not correctly processed.
  • MULTI OPTIONS: Fixed processing of multi voice options.

Samplelord 1.5.3


  • GIGA IMPORT: Added GigaCacheFolder= switch into samplelord.ini config file. It allows to define custom giga_cache folder.
    Example: GigaCacheFolder=C:\tempgiga will save all temporary giga files on C:\tempgiga. Entry must point to the existing folder on hard disk.

Samplelord 1.5.2


  • INSTRUMENT: new Voice Options... dialog window to define advanced polyphony modes
  • INSTRUMENT: new [Del] shortcut
  • IMPORT: added import of all advanced Kontakt's VoiceGroup and Exclusive Group settings
  • COLLECTION: more intelligent renumbering
  • COLLECTION: fixed -> patches in imported bank has the same order like defined in the file and the same like displayed in the browser
  • MIDI INPUT: possibility to create custom midi remapping based on a text file located in Samplelord's folder midimap.txt

Samplelord 1.5.1

Small issues fixed:

  • COLORIZE: Setup -> Colorize -> Store... function didn't work. It saves the colorize settings in installation folder correctly now.
  • MANUAL: A few corrections about different installation modes.

Samplelord 1.5

The update is free for registered users.

Updates & Changes:

  • MANUAL: Updated and new manuals in PDF Format.
  • MEMORY: /3GB switch support added. Allows to use more >2GB RAM memory per instance.
  • MEMORY: Memory Sample Management and Memory overload protection added.
  • ENGINE: New Voice Allocation method.
  • GUI: Audio Level Meter added.
  • EXPORT: Multi Bundle Format added, replaces previous archive of multi and improves way of exporting of all multi setup.
  • GUI: Hide GUI button added.
  • DISK STREAMING: File Precaching added.
  • IMPORT: Advanced Import Options... added, allows to tweak and optimize patch load if needed.
  • GM: Automatic Bank Load added, it replaces previous 'Auto load General MIDI banks' option.
  • GUI: CPU/HD Meter added.
  • EXPORT: Export Single Instrument menu function added.
  • DISK STREAMING: Patch Streaming added.
  • PLAYING: NoteOff Trigger Level options added.
  • GUI: Color Themes added.
  • MULTI: Auto Search... button added in Missing Files dialog.
  • MULTI: Midi Filter added.
  • USE: Instrument's menu command Reset clears all channel settings to its default values without removing instrument.
  • USE: Unload Instrument removes also a links to this instrument.
  • ENGINE: Added automatic voice releasing when audio signal goes silent.
  • ENGINE: Fixed bug in voice kill method and elimination dropouts when file is releasing.
  • DISK STREAMING: Changed default size of Buffer Streaming to 64KB.
  • FILE: Fixed file overwriting while Bank or Instrument Export, when instrument is (re)saved within the same file.
  • INFO: Added more exact message error info when patch or sample could not be found and there was not enough memory to load all sample content.
  • MEMORY: Fixed crash with memory overload.
  • MEMORY: Fixed possible memory leaks in disk streaming.
  • IMPORT: Improved auto-search in Halion import.
  • IMPORT: Fixed crash with EmulatorX files.
  • EXPORT: Fixed problem in wrong sample link save when a bank was exported and contains free not used samples.
  • COLLECTION: Improved collections Bank Numbers values greater than 128 can be used.
  • COLLECTION: Improved files with absolute paths were not found when they were located in the same folder as collection file.
  • COLLECTION: Fixed files which were not found were not added to the list now they are marked with ERR in the name.
  • LICENSE: Automatic license search and installation added.
  • INSTALLER: Improved installations, standalone version installs into its own folder now, added VSTi folder selection and automatic license installation.

Samplelord 1.4.2


  • Fixed: Folders were locked by file explorer, editing or moving of folders were locked while SL was opened.
  • Fixed: Fixed crash with Terratec sound cards under Vista.
  • Fixed: Retrieving of ASIO Input/Output channels. Correctly shows available inputs and outputs now.
  • Fixed: "Autoload General MIDI banks" and "Receive Program Changes" options were not correctly remembered.
  • Fixed: Previous banks were not released in "Autoload General MIDI banks" mode.

Samplelord 1.4

What's new:

  • New: Improved Multiprocessing v.2 for Intel Quad Core, Intel Dual Core processors and other multi core platforms.
  • New: Maximum polyphony increased to 2048 stereo voices.
  • Fix: Multiprocessing glitches and stability in Cubase Studio 4 with Intel Quad Core processors.

Samplelord 1.3.3


  • New: Import of GIGA 16-bit and 24-bit accelerated samples.
  • New: Import of GIGA splitted files *.gx01.
  • New: sfz cycle robin options "seq_position" and "seq_length" supported now.
  • Fix: cycle robin didn't reloaded after file save.
  • Fix: cycle robin read/write improvements.

Samplelord 1.3.2


  • New: GIGA Mod-Wheel Inversion support.
  • New: Feature Smooth Controller Crossfade (used on Mod-Wheel and others). Doesn't produce sharp crossfades with low latencies.
  • New: MIDI Automation... settings. Allows to adjust smooth of Volume, Controller Crossfade or Mod-Wheel Crossfade times.
  • Fix: improved SF2 import with incorrect Sample Type option.
  • Fix: multi reset.
  • Fix: volume dots are no longer removed.
  • Fix: some soundfonts were played mono instead stereo.
  • Fix: multi settings didn't load default values when they were stored also into *.ini file.
  • Fix: browser didn't work after setup reset in the latest releases.

Samplelord 1.3.1


  • Fix: mod-wheel could trigger the first dimension only.
  • Fix: loading of native format didn't set MOD OFF switch when it has modulation controllers active.
  • Fix: wrong extension during instrument export.
  • Fix: GIG mod-wheel import improved.
  • Fix: some GIG dimensions were not played properly.

Samplelord 1.3

In this release:

  • New: modulation options (mod off, lfo) to turn off modulation at all or use as lfo.
  • New: 'Clear before Patch Load' command added to Setup -> Import options.
  • New: 'Clear before Sample Load' command added to Setup -> Import options.
  • New: 'Reset' command in Instrument menu, resets current channel data.
  • New: some menu commands and menu options have been moved from Setup menu into Multi menu.
  • New: Giga Mod-Wheel crossfade support.
  • Fix: some GIGA switches not recognized correctly.
  • Fix: kontakt samples triggered twice.
  • Fix: filter knobs were not reset during patch change.
  • Fix: Importing One-Shot mode HALion presets.
  • Fix: A Preset with different number of samples mapped to keys, import halion single zones with crossfade set.
  • Fix: resizing plugin with grip resize doesn't resize parent host window now.
  • Fix: playing of halion alternate samples.
  • Fix: GIG release trigger + Mod-Wheel crossfade samples were not played correctly.
  • Fix: broken controller switching, worked correctly only with crossfades set.
  • Fix: controller crossfades doesn't work after mod wheel was moved.
  • Fix: playing with mme driver produced signal on main outputs only.
  • Fix: program parameters were not reset during patch change.
  • Fix: release samples played many times or triggered twice.
  • Fix: sfz mod wheel crossfade was not imported when locc opcode was missed.
  • Fix: playing of sfz key and vel crossfades didn't work when key and vel region was not defined.
  • Fix: some halion key and vel crossfade combinations were not imported correctly.
  • Fix: vibrato was played together when mod wheel controller active.

Samplelord 1.2

In this release:

  • Added: option of changing Mute/Solo color.
  • Added: added selection of Panoramic and size option.
  • Added: options to select a mouse wheel capture method.
  • Added: MIDI Monitor (diagnostic tool for incoming midi messages).
  • Added: option to set a middle C names on the keyboard.
  • Fixed: double sample play after note release.
  • Fixed: duplicated entries in color menu.
  • Fixed: deleting Samplelord makes the EnergyXT not respond.
  • Fixed: vst window resize works in EnergyXT.
  • Fixed: release keyswitches have been not loaded correctly after saving and reloading Samplelord bank file.
  • Fixed: Samplelord freeze under Sonar, EnergyXT.
  • Fixed: giga keyswitches were imported incorrectly one half-tone too low.
  • Fixed: Kontakt import and doubled notes on sample trigger in some keyswitching combination.
  • Fixed: Kontakt import with incorrect exclusiveGroup assign.
  • Fixed: some global settings like "Stereo Outputs" were not read correctly when main plugin and additional multi-out versions were used at the same time.
  • Changed: previous option "Back to default settings" has been changed and moved to "Reset" under main SETUP menu.
  • Changed: Each plugin version keeps settings in a separate file. It allows to set completely different parameters for each version ex. Colorize options.
  • Fixed: removed crackles when MME audio driver was stopping ex. RME sound cards.
  • Fixed: vibrato drifts out of tune when MOD Delay parameter was active.

Samplelord 1.1.1

This release improves "Fixed output" versions:

  • Improved: "Fixed output" version use the same main plugin file samplelord.dll.
  • Improved: All "Fixed output" versions use only one and the same initialization file samplelord.ini.
  • Resources and other plugin data are shared between "Fixed output" versions so they occupies less memory now and loads faster.
  • Improved: Stereo Outputs menu has been renamed to Stereo Fixed Outputs when "Fixed Output" version is loaded.
  • Added: "Show System Directories" into Display menu to show sound folders with a special icon assigned.
  • Fixed: "Multiprocessing", "Polyphony Limiter" options were not remembered after plugin restart.
  • Fixed: Problem with fonts were 2 plugin windows were opened and font has been changed only in one window caused a wrong browser's items drawing.

Samplelord 1.1

In this release:

  • Multiprocessing support of Multi Cpu and Multi Core processors.
  • 1024 stereo voices of polyphony.
  • New Medium Quality Mode (excellent for real-time use).
  • Scalable windows (host must support vst size window implementation).
  • Customizing of Interface.
  • Mouse Wheel Support (host must support vst mouse wheel implementation).
  • Collections - possibility of creating list of sounds from different source files.
  • Drag & Drop of wave, aiff files into Samplelord's keyboard.
  • Quality Mode switch on the panel.
  • Global Polyphony Limiter.
  • Double click in Instrument Panel.
  • New buttons Prog Bank for selecting the patches.
  • Several new options in setup menu: Disk Streaming Buffer, Multiprocessing, Polyphony Limiter, Mouse Wheel, Receive Program Changes, Display, Font, Window.
  • Added Status Bar showing multi, preset and sample info.
  • Added option Velocity Sensitivity for adjusting response to midi velocity.

Improvements and Fixes:

  • Improved: Keyboard and browser scrolling.
  • Improved: Colorizing.
  • Improved: Support for Logic Audio, FL Studio, Buzz, Ableton Live, Cubase 4 hosts.
  • Improved: Showing zones in the keyboard preview.
  • Improved: Black dot cursor has been changed to arrow cursor showing the edit mode of knob.
  • Improved: Naming of audio outputs for different hosts.
  • Improved: Receiving of Program Change and General Midi loading can be set separately.
  • Improved: Bigger folder selector for Root tool.
  • Improved: Showing empty folders or folders without sounds supported by SL.
  • Improved: Added info ERR: in instr. name when the file was not found.
  • Improved: Real-time display of voices and leds do not make cpu overloads.
  • Improved: Placing of color presets in 'Colorize' menu.
  • Fixed: Visibility of fixed versions in Cubase 4 host.
  • Fixed: Reading subdirectories in browser.
  • Fixed: Saving of settings to ini file.
  • Fixed: Giga Import (attenuation, volume boost, looping, keyswitching, round robin).
  • Fixed: Halion Import (aiff files).
  • Fixed: Kontakt Import (aiff files, looping).
  • Fixed: Crackles in VSTi mode with non-standard buffer size.
  • Fixed: Crackles in Standalone mode with non-standard ASIO buffer size.
  • Fixed: Reading Samplelord presets from multi file.
  • Fixed: Sequence of predefined colors was not remembered correctly.
  • Fixed: Audio clicks when playing 24-bit looped samples.
  • Fixed: Response for Sustain pedal.
  • Fixed: Sfz Import (wave file, looping).
  • Fixed: AIFF Import (reading of samplerate, markers).
  • Fixed: Loading of multi files when preset name was longer then 20 chars.
  • Fixed: Loading banks in 'General MIDI' mode didn't works with a one patch in a bank.
  • Fixed: Clicks when hi-hats are exclusively played with very small release time.
  • Fixed: Some setup options (Master Level, General Midi, Receive Program Changes, Quality Mode) were not saved into configuration file.
  • Fixed: Cpu overload when clicking on menu/setup.
  • Fixed: Cpu overload when drawing names of instruments when receving program change.
  • Changes: Short names in Multi menu.
  • Changes: Some changes in the graphics of interface and layout of buttons.
  • Changes: New colors for Mute and Solo led. Solo has red color and mute has yellow color.
  • Changes: Previous "Predefined Colors" and "Colorize..." options are available from the one "Colorize" submenu now.

New versions under development

New features of Extreme Sample Converter and Samplelord are under development. Fixes and minor updates are uploaded regularly so please check our sites from time to time.

The SAMPLELORD has been released...


  • Ultra Fast Engine - fast engine and very low CPU usage.
  • 8, 16, 24, 32-bit, 64-bit sample support at any samplerate.
  • Supports Dimensions, Keyswitching, Cycle Ribbon, Cycle Random, Crossfading, Controller switching, Controller's crossfading.
  • Uses special Dynamic Disk Streaming to load samples directly from disk.
  • Fast & Direct Access to Formats like GIG, SF2, FXP, NKI, EX, WAV, AIFF it plays them directly from disk without any re-conversion and re-saving to HD, it uses our excellent extreme conversion module.
  • VSTi Windows Plug-in format (other formats will be released later).
  • 16 part Multi Track - 16 MIDI inputs freely configurable with custom routing to loaded instruments.
  • Multiple 16 Stereo Outputs with full control over all multi parts and audio output routing.
  • Built-in HD Browser with Drag & Drop features.
  • MIDI integration with full General MIDI Support.
  • Virtual Keyboard with patch preview.
  • Multiple instances and Low Memory usage - all instances share the same program and memory resources. Each instance adds 512 voices resulting in nearly unlimited polyphony.
  • IQ Sound Edit - quick editing and control of sound parameters in real-time: filter, envelopes, lfo, pitch, tune, pitch-bend even x-fade for the looped samples.
  • Save, Load options for Instruments and Multi-Patches. Archive option allows you to backup a Multi-Patch with all its instrument presets and used samples.
  • Quick startup and ready to run in a one second.
  • Several color themes allows select/create of your favorite color theme.
  • Simple and Logical user interface just load SampleLord and start playing music.
  • Standalone version with ASIO support and free channel routings.
  • Innovative Native Format allows saving samples in our Native Format, which features extremely fast load and save times of audio samples.
  • plus many more surprising capabilities...

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